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Feb 2, 2011

The sensational "Burka Women" by Saad Haroon (?)

Who is Saad Haroon?
and what is he doing with "Burka Women"?

Saad Haroon is a Pakistani comedian, actor, and writer. Saad is the creator of the first ever Pakistani improvisational comedy troupe "BlackFish". Saad created and hosts the first ever English Language Comedy TV show in Pakistan, "The Real News". The show pokes fun at current news events using political and social satire. - Wikipedia
His works as comedian can be seen on his website:, and twitter @Saad_Haroon.

"Burka Women" itself is a parody video that kinda pokes the (Moslem) community and culture in Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan.. with its conservative religious leaders! Made based on the original cheeky song Pretty Women by Roy Orbinson, the video "Burka Women" has became a big buzz, an internet sensation.

For some people, the video is considered funny, creative, and as a means of social/cultural/political satire - well, that's on the bright side. But in the other hand, a lot of (religious) people are quite upset. But anyway, i guess he does not mean to mock a religion or be an anti-moslem.

Curious about the video? Have a look! - I hope that the video won't be banned.

"Burka woman, in your black sheet
Burka woman, with your sexy feet
Burka woman my love for you it grows,
every time I see your toes."

So, are you Pro or Cons?
imho, the video is not offensive in any way. It's actually kinda cute! :p


On the news:
RNW: Bermain Mata dengan Wanita Bercadar (Bahasa)

Telegraph: Comedian under fire for Burka Woman version of Pretty Woman

The Huffington Post: 'Burka Woman,' Saad Haroon Music Video Send-Up Of 'Pretty Woman,' Slammed For Being Anti-Muslim


  1. Nice video. I watched it twice!

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  4. nail polish... rawr! HAHAHAHA! loved it! Genius. Those who hate this guy are being such kill joys. Hey, i'm an evangelical christian and everybody laughs at me and my faith. I don't mind as long as they won't go beyond the limits.

    But i think this one's okay!


What say you?