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Jan 15, 2011

I ♥ N.E.R.D.

No one Ever Really Dies.

Their music is one of my favourite musics EVER!
They are not just another rockstars with HipHop/RnB/Urban touch who constantly shout out loud about the jetset life, the bootylicious girls, and the fast and the furious sport cars.. Their music somehow tickles our awareness about WORLD, human LIFE, the real thing that actually happen around us.. and mostly done in such an attractive composes!

Listen carefully to the song "Lap Dance". But first of all, you need to stop dancing - Yes, I know.. it's hard not to dance to this song. The lyric goes:

I'm just straight ill, ridin' my motorcycle down the streets 
While politicians is soundin' like strippers to me 
They keep sayin' but I don't wanna hear it... 
"Oooh baby you want me? Well you can get this lap dance here for free."

Now that's catchy ;)

Their latest album, "Nothing" shares the stories about the downfall of western economy (the song "Sooner or Later") and the oil spill (the song "Life as a Fish"). Chad Hugo, Shae Haley, and Pharrell Williams are such great musicians, imho.

That's why i was so thrilled to know that they're coming to have a concert in Jakarta! Yes, especially after the major disappointment of the late cancelled concert on 2009. The most exciting part was that i WON a ticket to N.E.R.D. from a twitter quiz from @OZRadioJakarta @D_Makaveli and @BLADE_ID.

And of course, my personal interest to the oh-My-Hot Mr. Pharrell Williams and his music (with N.E.R.D, the Neptunes, and as a producer) is way beyond imagination. So yeah, I scream hysterically as i knew that i could come see the performance for FREE!

I went to the concert alone, wondering how great it is if my soul sistas @r3t4 and @beatajachja could also come along (apparently, one resides in Holland, and the other one suffered from diarrhea LOL).. Guess the URBANGOD heard me, and sent Ms. Shaula, a long lost highschool n college friend of mine, a huge fan of Snoop Dogg, to keep me company. I gasped in excitement as she called my name from afar! YAY!

As i walked around the venue when the gate was still closed, I look around and wonder... So, this is the Urban scene of Jakarta. Quite a disappointment for my concern. Is it the youngster who got no interest? OR is it the industry which suppresses the development of Urban and chooses (lousy) indo pop/Melayu instead? Anyway, the crowd in this niche and segmented market is allrite. We didnt go around pushing other people during the queues or on the (dance) floor. Although I did not approve the "BOO-HOO" yells of some people during RAN's (opening act) performance just because N.E.R.D. was not on stage just yet. That was just plain rude.

N.E.R.D. performed well that nite, even though Chad Hugo was not there. Too bad T.T
Highlight of the nite - besides me successfully GRABBED Pharrell while yelling frantically as he stood there in front of me, and also that brief moment when he took off his white tee *drolls* - was when Pharrell took a girl on to the stage! Yes, miracle does exist.. esp. for that girl.

The fact that the girl Pharrell chose to get on the stage was not some superhot-extrabootylicious with over-the-top make-up mama.. just a casual cutie with glasses and ponytail but actually sang most of N.E.R.D. songs.. makes me fall in love with N.E.R.D. and Pharrell even more! Now that's how a rock star acts! They also took a guy with N.E.R.D. tattooed on his buffy left arm.

Another funny thing, Pharrell looked quite puzzled when he saw a BRA thrown to the stage!! Does this happen often in any given urban/rock concert in Jakarta? Should i pick it up? Should i take the girl who thrown this bra to the stage? ---- Apparently, he left the bra there.. (most probably) longing to be touched. I wonder, was he thinking something like "ah.. the size is too small. not my type."? :P The bra owner was trying to get herself noticed (i saw her), yet failed. Who knows.. maybe she got lucky at the after-party.

Encore! Encore! and Lap Dance ends the show with a BANG! ;) Everyone left with a happy face. Yes, esp. the lucky girl who got to stage, danced, hug, kissed Pharrell and Shae, and got herself the white tee with Pharrell's autograph which she wore directly after the show. Whatta lucky beyotch!

Wanna know more about N.E.R.D.'s music? Here's one of the non-dancing and more to self-awareness songs from N.E.R.D's album "Nothing". Unfortunately, the song was not sung at the show.

N.E.R.D. - Life As A Fish

Viva la N.E.R.D.!

Here are some (mixed) pics from some concerts i have ever attend :)


What say you?