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Jul 6, 2010

July oh my

It's JULY!!!

Lalalala... Summer school holiday, super-crowded theme parks, people making love to the sun and getting tanned, girls with bikinis playing volleyball at beaches.. yeah boys, in your dreams! --> cause this is Indonesia! haha!

JULY also equals Wedding season!
summer wedding dresses, pretty white flower arrangement, candles in the warm night.. sounds perfect rite?
sounds scary for some, sounds wonderful for others. in this case, i can only say that i'm happy for those who has finally found someone to love and to live their whole life with.

I went to a wedding last Saturday in Bogor. A wedding of my dear friends, Chikha and Ruben. After a year of heavy preparation, they finally celebrate their wedding with a funky theme: Jeans! :) although i'd say that the event space was rather glamourous.. the wedding party itself was laid-back. Get rid of the formal gown and tuxedo! let's be casual.

For a start, Chikha gave us her girlfriends jeans textile to work on our personal denim dresses. and these are the dresses (pls excuse for the lo-def picture, blackberry style), all pretty and fab after a long exhausting and emotional fight with the tailor. not for me tho, mine's is made by my mom. totally customized and fit to my voluptuous proportion.

pretty women, aight! ;)

i'll update the pic as soon as a better one come along - the one that goes down to our high heels!

The guests (esp. the men) were also very comfortable walking around in their jeans and still looking handsome in their shirt, mostly in white. The mothers of the bride and the groom also looked stunning with their dress-gown, and seemed to be a funky proud parents. The party was so swell that it got into the local media in Bogor: Jurnal Bogor :)

So, congrats again for you two. Best of luck for your marriage, dear.

July is my favourite month of the year.. because it's my birth month too ;) *hint*


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