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Jul 10, 2010

Soccer, through the eyes of a woman

World cup. Wereldkampioenschap. Piala Dunia.
In whichever language, it'll always have the same meaning: a big festival in the world of soccer!

To be honest, I am not a big fan of sport, of soccer or anything. I appreciate it, and appreciate my friends who loves it to death, but I won't stay up till 4 am, poking my eyes out, just to watch 20 people running around that big green field for 90 minutes (or even more) chasing one ball.

But once every 4 years, soccer dress up and transform itself into one extravagant party. All hyped up with songs of celebration, dances of joy and waving colourful flags. World Cup is different as the world unite in sport. I'm not saying this because my fave team, Oranje, is in the Final. It's just the way it is :)

So, how's football/soccer perceived through the eyes of a woman? (me, in particular) What's in it for me?

1. Good-Looking Men
I mean, look at those muscular handsome men. At least you one men you can crave on (or fantasize about) per game. My dream boy: Wesley Sneijder! How can you say no to that? *drools*

How can you say no to that smile?

2. Dress to kill
Forget being beautiful for a sec. Unleash your true self: act like a fanatic (emphasize on the word "act"). Put that lipstick of yours in your cheek, draw the national flag of your fave team, dyed your hair orange, wear over-sized football t-shirt. Don't forget the boa. Dress accordingly just to make a fool of yourself. It's fun! and you can still look like a hottie... i suppose :P

3. Geography etc. lesson 2.0
"What? Where's South Korea anyway?"
"Ah.. I thought that Ivory Coast is located somewhere on the Pasific. Nearby.. Fiji?"

Sounds familiar to your ears? The fact is, soccer (if not forcing us) makes us aware of the existence of certain country other than our own. Yeah people, there are other countries, continents, and cultures in this world! It's like learning Geography all over again hahaha.. However, this knowledge is not for me, tho. I know em all already! *pretender* xD

A travel blog from Mark Wiens, Migrationology, even take it to the next level.. writing about World Cup of Cuisine: 32 Culinary Nations Battle in South Africa 2010 :) Yummy!

4. Emotional Outburst
This is my favourite part.
By watching soccer match, I can actually be (very) angry at something and yell about it without hurting someone else!!!!! *excuse the exclamation points*

After a week, or a month, or even a year of stress and or depression in your life (given or take: personal, work, love, etc.) with no one to blame but yourself, you need to channel your built-up emotions onto a good controllable outburst. sounds conflicted, eh? Well, at least... that's what i do. works like magic for me.

Things you can be mad at during a soccer match:
- that annoying vuvuzela sound,
- that commentator taking sides,
- that referee blowing the whistle too soon,
- that diving act of opponent's player,
- that annoying vuvuzela sound,
- that almost-goal,
- that penalty kick,
- that woman standing innocently in front of the TV blocking your sight,
- that man forget to turn up the volume as the game commence,
- that annoying vuvuzela sound,
- others..., etc.

5. The After-Party
uhm... self-explanatory, rite?

Come to think of it, soccer is not so bad after all :)
*dancing* tsamina mina ee ee.. waka waka ee ee

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