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Oct 15, 2009

Let's go watch movies!

Right now, i say there's no good movies available in Jakarta's theater.

Since Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows are still some time far in the future (at least in Indo)... Let's line up some really good stuff that's I am looking forward to see by the end of 2009 - the beginning of 2010!

*please notice that these movies may not be one of your taste. Weird, quirky, "heavy", and somewhat blooooody movies are what i have in mind :) also notice that most of the trailers can only be watched in youtube*

Inglourious Basterds
1/3 English - 1/3 French - 1/3 German. Subtitle? Depends on where you live, dear. Well, I have watched this movie in Holland - with my inadequate Dutch, that was quite an experience. But I just can't say No to the great Quentin Tarantino. Like most of his movie, Inglorious Basterds carries his "signature" of sarcastic-comedy, philosophy of life, altered perspective, and blood. More blood. Even more blood. Plus, seeing Brad Pitt act with "ridiculous" mustache and southern-american accent really makes me smile.
Watch Inglourious Basterds trailer in HD
It's on! check out 21cineplex and blitzmegaplex!

Where the Wild Things are
I believe that most people recognize the title very well. Indeed, the movie was made based on one of the most legendary books of all time, written by Maurice Sendak. I would really love to see how the movie takes our imagination through the eyes of a child. A time when we feel so small... and when everything is big, and scary, and exciting!
Watch Where the Wild Things are trailer in HD

My review:
i have been waiting for this movie for sev months! when i finally watched this gloomy-yet-lovely movie, i really tried to see thing from a child's point's of view: everything is big and scary, just want to play all day, grown-ups and parents never understand you, and most of the time.. you don't understand what u've done wrong that make people around you so upset. One thing for sure, imagination can take you anywhere in the universe :)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Just by looking at the trailer, i believe that this movie will be big! Directed through the out-of-this-world fantasies of Terry Gilliam, well-known for his parts in Monthy Phyton (oh, i have three Monthy Phyton's Movies!), Time Bandits, Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys, etc. The casts includes my favourite actor of all time, Mr. Johnny Depp, as a complement for the original cast, Heath Ledger who died during the production. Also starring Christopher Plummer (Dumbledore), Collin Pharell, and Jude Law. I would love to see how it turns out.
Too bad that there's no sound publicity in Asia or in Indonesia. I am curious if the movie will ever going to get down here... *crossing my fingers*

Watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus trailer in HD

500 Days of Summer
"You should know upfront, that this is not a love story" hehehehe what a catchy line. This is another lovely, original movie by Zoey Deschanel, acting as Summer :) accompanied by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom. Although somehow they look like Heath Ledger and Katy Perry hahaha... The movie was released on July 2009 - summertime, of course. But i still hope that even though it's already winter by November in US, Summer will come and play in Jakarta.

Watch 500 Days of Summer
trailer in HD
My review:
"you should know upfront, this is not a love story" - the movie really give us an alternative perspective of how "cruel" life and love can be. and that all "love-theme" movie should not always ended with happily ever after. I don't know to which character i can relate to, tom or summer... the tracks are amazing too!

We all know how man loves games. Mankind is keep trying to make the game looks as real as possible. Well well, in this movie.. it's real. The game - the characters in the game that one's playing - are real people. Controlled in some kind of way, of course. And so like most stories, these "characters" are trying to break free. Same old story, but who knows that it's a OK to watch. I heard that Gamer will not make it to Indonesia, didn't get through with the censorship blablabla. So i think i need to find the movie somewhere else...
Watch Gamer trailer in HD

Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes? Interesting choice. I am looking forward to see how the mysterious cases of Sherlock Holmes are brought to life! Although i am not so keen of the cast Jude Law (I think that he's not "strong" enough for the role) and Rachel McAdams (I guess the images of her being in chick-flick movies can not be removed that easily).
Watch Sherlock Holmes trailer in HD

My review:
Robert Downey is a little bit too strong (in appearance) to be a weakling Holmes. and it's quite weird to see Jude Law as Watson. However, the movie presented a nice "dark" twists. I love how they depicts Holmes' logic and way of thinking. The dog also consistently entertained me. Somehow, the movie reminds me of Chan & Wilson's adventures in Shanghai Knights/Noon.

Paper Heart
A "documentary" of the big L word: LOVE. How sweet can that be? Especially played by the Juno-boy, Michael Cera :) and Charlyne Yi (she looks like Betty La Fea, asian version - no offense tho) complemented by Seth Rogen.
I hope Blitz will play this movie.
Watch Paper Heart trailer in HD

Taking Woodstock
I don't know much about this movie. Directed by Ang Lee, spiced-up by (also) one of my favourite actor, Emille Hirsch (do you agree that he looks similar to DiCaprio?), and some hippie acts - i think that's enough element to make this movie interesting to watch! It's in the "coming soon" section on Blitz Megaplex' site.
Watch Taking Woodstock trailer in HD

How about Coraline? I've watched it! ~ and love it too.
That's for now, folks :)


What say you?