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Oct 1, 2009

12 days in Holland :) - Part 3

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Tuesday Sept 22

I woke up lazily on Tuesday. I sat with Pooh in living room, doing nothing, and i loved it! After a while, I packed a my bag, got myself into the shower, and headed to Amsterdam. Finally, I got to see Citra's office hehehe and the people working there since I temporarily put my bag in there.

The weather was quite ok for Amsterdam that day. It was already afternoon so i rushed myself to Nieuwendijk to grab some souvenir and also some stuffs for my self - the ever so tempting bras at Hunkemoller! hehehehe that was quite a shopping.

Dinner at Tokyo Cafe [in Spui 15] with friends was next on the agenda. There was Dominik and Lilith (yay, it's great to see them again!), Citra and Edwin, Ardy and Anita, Neysa and Komar (another newlywed hehe), and my dear Yuli :) Although the service was poor that night, we managed to stay happy by exchanging stories with each other.

Good will, unsteady hand hehe

I went to Den Haag to sleepover at Citra's place - i knew that she's gonna kill me if i don't. At Den Haag station, I got a chance to meet Fonzie, too. Yeah, Yuli and Fonzie are such a cool couple - gotta love them together. A bus ride, a late night tea, some CD burning attempts, and we're all crashed into our beds.

Wednesday Sept 23
Another lazy morning...
I pulled myself up since I wanted to go rummaging Dominik's place in Utrecht. Yes darling, I traveled from one city to another, from a friend's house to another :) No shopping, only crashing.
Got a little stumbled upon Citra's funny locking front door since I forgot to bring Rina's liquor from Prague - gonna see her in Utrecht for dinner. Fortunately, Citra's neighbour was at home. My wild guess was he was confused of this crazy girl in front of Citra's front door, grumbling. She might be a thief! But then again, the neighbour showed me the "trick" with the front door lock something with a little left (or right) and upward (or downward) push on the door xD Lol... No, I could not remember!

the dude and the big white couch! plus the new TV set :P

Seeing Dominik in his crib was also an good thing. Aha! So there's the big white couch he was talking about. The fancy TV-set... and the work/play station :P it's all good, man! Only one thing that i didn't like at all: the toilet! It's too small (even for me!) and it took 10-15 minutes to reload the water in the toilet. The people inventing this place was a maniac.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon watching "Horton hears a who" on the new fancy TV :P with me munching roombotter appletaart from AH supermarket *oh, my mouth's watering* Lilith was sick that day, so she was resting in bed most of the time.

Too bad that Dom and Lilith couldn't join for dinner by the canal. Utrecht has an area where most of the restaurants are located downright next to the canal, underneath the shopping area. I had a chilly, cozy, and lovely Italian dinner with Rina, Ruudie, Niels, and Citra. My pizza was so huge, I couldn't finish it T.T sorry dear pizza...

I spent the night at Citra's place again - my last vacation night. hux...

Thursday Sept 24
It just slap me in the face. Holiday's almost over.
With my last strength of happiness, I packed my stuff and went to Amsterdam. Had lunch of patat oorlog en kipkorn with Citra's - and David, too hehe.. a funny guy. I strolled around the neighbourhood to buy some authentic cheese (with pesto and Italian spices) and for some window shopping.

Kecap was going to pick me up in Sloterdijk station so that we can get my suitcase I left in Haarlem. He showed up with his work outfit - suit and tie and all, handsome indeed. I think all boys look good when they pull out their suit :)

Some packing and some shower, and I was ready to go. Haha.. not really tho.
Alfons, Ika, Vina, Citra, and Niels were also there in the airport to say good bye. Lucas also came up unexpectedly hehe..

My suitcase was overweight :P Yeah sure, with all those souvenirs and foods i brought along!
Another funny thing (!) was when I was almost (almost) didn't get a seat on the plane since the flight was overbooked! I was actually happy to know that so then i might had a chance to stay for another night and then able to watch Jose James concert with Cit and Niels. Lol :P

But they got me a seat after all *sigh*
So i said goodbye to my all of beloved, thanking them for their hospitality during my short stay.

Cherioo Amsterdam. Gonna see you again, soon!
*keeping my hope high* :)

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