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Jul 3, 2008

wishlist :)

OW it's July already!

I had this silly conversation with E last week... about my birthday wish list :P here here
*me want a new digital camera, preferably Olympus Myu whichever
*me want a new laptop, preferably Asus... hmm.. those Asus Ferrari ones look amazing
*me want a new black leather pointed shoes, preferably from Nine West or Guess
*me want a new black leather handbag, no specific preferences (yet)
*me want a trip to Beijing this year to visit my so called sister B
*... and another one... me want a companion, preferably a boy

I said to E, how wonderful it will be if i could have all of the above! Maybe i should find me a rich boy to buy all of those fancy things :P ho ho ho ho

But, Nah! me gonna buy myself all of the above, except the boyfriend one -.-" How on earth will i be able to afford a boyfriend? -.-" duh, i can be optimistic in just about anything but the relationship department. Nevertheless, yes i guess it will be lovely to have someone on my side :)


What say you?