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Jun 30, 2008

LOL Coffee Prince LOL

Yes. So I spent my weekend watching "Coffee Prince", a Korean drama series i found lying on my sister's desk. I had no idea that it turned out to be interesting, a little provocative, and quite hilarious :D

1. First thing first. The male main characters are irresistible. Sexy stubborn vs. Mature musical. hmm.. which one do you choose? Well the sexy stubborn character.. what's his real name again? *checking the net*.. Gong Yoo, reminds me a little of Zach Braff hehe that's what drew me into Gong Yoo, and also because of the ridiculously sensual introduction scene of his character.

2. A sudden appearance of a Japanese guy among the Korean. The cool calm confident Sun Ki. Like him even more when he did his hair up.

3. The "Choi Han Sung" character with his versatile musicality... especially when he sang "Ocean Travel". Yes, i would definitely fall for musicians!

4. The fact that the series use varieties of western song is quite surprise me...

5. Along came the "You and Me Song" by the Wannadies! *shocked* The song always brings good happy memories to me. blablabla, yes darling, it always makes me smile a little (or cry a little) while my mind comes to think of you.

6. Along came "Where's Your Head at?" by Basement Jaxx!!! *blank* This song makes me smile and dance too, i wont tell you why hahahaha

So I got to episode 11/12, i forgot, when i finally have to crash.
I'll continue watching it soon.


What say you?