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Jul 21, 2008

Being 24

how was my birthday? well, i actually never really celebrate my birthdays.

We went eating at hanamasa gading [about how my family get there and got back home and all the fights in between is whole another story which i am not going to spill]. "we" here means me & fam, dison, my bos & fam, and some other people. it was ok. somehow i didn't feel really hungry. suddenly my barbaric-eating behaviour was gone as i didn't feel comfortable eating without my barbaric-eating mates.

Then we ["we" here means me and dison] went to meet goldie. I got a "sex and the city" all seasons recap book from them. E said that "it's sooo you!" and considered that I am a "Carrie/samantha". I took that as a compliment and tried to prove lil samantha in me by taking advantage of one of the baristas just to get myself a free dark-mocha frappe.

Then along came cris n elis. I asked cris to join me n golda to watch a piano concert in erasmus huis that night. As i predicted, things get tough between dison n cris (i have no comment on this matter). Guess i didn't get my birthday wishes and wish at all.

Erasmus huis was a "nothing". We couldn't get in because the house was too packed. The pianist is not only extremely talented, he is good-looking and young (21!). No wonder all the girls were drawn to see him play. Boo-hoo for me.

So, i got myself a free ride to meet andy and the new gf (and some other people i didn't know) in semanggi. She turned out to be very nice. I have a good feeling for the new couple. After dinner, we took off to karaoke in Green Garden with some other people i know (jeffry, ai, yun yun). It was ok, too.

I got back home at 1.30 am.
The day was good. Yet i feel something missing. I guess it is true that (sometimes) one do not want to be alone on one's birthday. It is incomplete to "celebrate" birthdays without your dearest people. It's just not right. And as for him, my birthday this year went unnoticed.. as always *sigh* That's another boo-hoo for me.

Overall, i'm looking forward to whatever things that're coming my way. And i thank you Lord for giving me one extra year on my life :)


  1. hai valent!!! iye iye,.. Happy Birthday yaa!! your birthday sounds very adventurous. :)

  2. adventurous? hmmmmm.. that's a very smart way to say it!


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