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Aug 26, 2007

Sunset in Carita

Went to a beach-cottage last weekend. with B, my so-called twin.
It was nice to actually feel ocean breeze on my skin. A lot of temptation to swim there was, but I was on my period. SHOOOT!

We got our cameras shooting this and that and the sunset and ourselves :p I was putting on heavy SUNBLOCK (Yes, sunblock is a must! SPF 30 doank adanya huhuhu....) to keep myself from being toooo tan, like what happened in Spain heheheh...

Location: Carita, a view of Krakatau

Thanks B for sharing a weekend getaway :)

Andai aja anak2 semuanya bisa ikutan... bakar2... bikin api unggun... maen ke krakatau kali yaa......

Next trip: Bangka!


What say you?