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Aug 13, 2008

mini-trip to Bangka

I went to Bangka last Monday to visit one of RNW's soon-to-be partner station in Pangkal Pinang.

What a bless, I met some new people with great personalities :) There were Amoy i met during the flight (hope your mom's gonna be okay), Tya, Romero, and Dian. After discussing some business, it's time to have fun! It was quite hard to get us transport at the beginning. They offered to drive but I said NO! (berbahaya!)... while at that moment Tya and Dian were fighting over some misunderstanding they had 2 weeks ago.

Location: Sungailiat and Pangkal Pinang

Together (Tya, Romero, Dian, and I) went to Parai beach, Sungailiat. Bahagia ketemu lauuuuut! Mau teriak-teriak tapi kayanya gak pada tempatnya deh :P turis-turis bisa pada bingung. After several narcism episodes, we took off to see another spot. [At this point, Tya and Dian have re-conciliate, yay!]

The naming of the streets in Sungailiat really catch my eyes. It's written in three languages: Bahasa, Arabic, and Chinese. It really portrays the blending of three different cultures in this island. Nice, right?

Sunset didn't stop me from enjoying Pangkal Pinang city. After having double dinner (i was forced to eat twice!), Tya, Dian and I went to Klenteng located in the city center. Then we closed the night chillin at Jaguar, some kind of local "Hard Rock" they have there. It was all good :)

So now I can say: Bea! Gue udah sampe Bangka! tapi gak ikutan ceng beng kekekekeke

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