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Aug 27, 2008

Bali: Part Three - day 8 to day 10

Day 8. Confused by the day
I decided to give myself a little rest. Thus i spent the morning and the afternoon just chilling, relaxing, doing nothing at Indah's place - checked my mails, updated myself with CNN and BBC. Lunch? Indah, Greg, and I went to Nasi Ayam Kedewatan - Greg was upset about some stuffs happened at the hotel. After lunch, i packed my stuffs and got ready to head down to Denpasar. Indah drove me again! No major problems this time hahahaha ole!
P.S. Bye-bye indah schat, it's been a wonderful time staying at your place!

On the way to Denpasar [approximately 6pm], my sister called me to inform that there's been death in the family. My mom's big brother passed away, heart attack we supposed. Everything was so hectic. Mom needed some fast cash [for her and her other brothers] to buy tickets to Medan a.s.a.p. while she has none. Amazingly, yes amazingly... I stupidly and unconsciously left my atm card somewhere in Sanur yesterday! and i just realized it then! But things got sorted out; mom bought one-way tickets for the morning after. What a disaster... because actually we will have a wedding this Saturday at Banjarmasin.

So Rannu, Thia, and Cindy picked me up - feeling sorry for my loss. Well well, we knew that we needed to fill our empty stomach to bust our mood - Mie AHA at Jl. Satelit was the place! They said that Koko yang masak [the chinese chef] alwaaaaays wear a barong shirt - most probably to bring good luck ;) There, Rannu tangled herself with a couple's baby girl. Guess she's ready to be both a mother and a pediatrician hehehehehe

We were full and content. Not Thia - apparently... she was a little upset with her boyfriend. Being on the last two days of my visit, we decided to go to see their favourite, Siluet, performing at Center Stage Hard Rock. The atmosphere was nice - lots of chinese and korean tourists came that night. The band referred us girls as Spice Girls LOL!

We went home at midnight.

Day 9. It's almost...
Rannu and friends dragged me to Udayana, they needed to prepared documents for graduation. I got myself another friend, Martha - she's getting married soon, she reminds me of Anita :) The day was so warm; we were hungry! So we ate at Bumbu Desa [just opened] - the restaurant actually imported the employees from Garut! woooooow, nice concept rite?

There on, we needed to go to the local police station to report my stupidity. Afterward, we went to Pasar Badung to buy some barong clothes for my sister. Feeling worn out by the sun, we chilled a while at Rannu's place. Changed our clothes and all the things in between.

Next stop was Museum in Denpasar - these girls have been living in Denpasar in 6 years but they never visit it LOL. Well, the objects were not as interesting as the building itself. Nyeeeh... we were there only to satisfy our narcissism! hahahaha


We dropped Martha back to her place, then off again to Warung Bunana to eat some delicious canai bread and indian martabak. Yum yum... no wonder i gain several kilos :P

From canai to ground zero. There we bumped into Martha again hahahaha... We stayed for a while, then head home - Thia was still upset with her boyfriend. She really need to clear her mind. Rannu and I did little browsing and eating [yes! supper!] before sleeping.

Day 10. home, tan, fat
Whether i like it or not, i have to go home. My sister is waiting - she's home alone. My cong is waiting [you know you miss me!]. And God knows who else might be waiting for me.

So long, Bali! Tot November ;)

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