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Aug 27, 2007

What's real, babe?

People always say "BACK TO REAL LIFE" every time they have to deal with the first day working day after holiday, deal with their own itsy-bitsy problematic life.

But, what's REAL life anyway?
Let me tell you something about real life (My version, for working people)

The real life is everything UNreal.
It's where all the women wear heavy make-up, wonderbras, finest clothes, and stilettos to be considered equally beautiful.
It's where all the men wear the Hugo's suits, fancy cars, and Viagras to satisfy their sexual selves.
It's when you have put a smile on every time your bosses pass by, or say "Hi!" (of course, with a friendly tone) to your colleagues who apparently you hate the most.
It's when you have to stop eating the things you LOVE the most just because you have to fit into the groups of perfect people of which you disgust <<>

Whatever unreal things that occur to you at this very moment is the real thing that we all have to live with. It SUCKS, i know.

That's why most of the time we always dream of holidays, a great moment when we can finally gather with our closest people.
Only among those that we (I) can breathe the fresh air of being real.

Among them.. What's left of me is ugly face, big sized t-shirt and super baggy pants. For once, i will thank for the opportunity of being among the people in which i do not have to be nice, nor smart, nor brave, nor confident.

I want to be angry and sad when i want to. Smile only to people who (can be considered) deserve my smile.

And this smile, right here, is the smile i shall give to those who know the UGLY me inside and yet love me.


What say you?