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S V Y A who?

Real name is Valentina. No, not because i was born on Feb 14.
svya (sounds very Eastern European, doesn't it?) is just a quirky nickname of mine.
Catchy, simple, and short.

My passion for writing has started long time ago.
Long before i know how to use computer to express myself properly.
Long before i even know how to write.

The fact is, my head is constantly filled with overflowing conspiracy theories about life. My eyes see things from a different perspective, my brain analyzes almost everything i see or hear. I know that at some points, these alternate visions of mine can develop negative mental energy.. so dark that when i am unable to express em, i may gone loco.

Besides writing, i enjoy the rain, a cup of coffee, learning new language (esp. Japanese),  taking amateur photographs (when i have a camera at hand), design stuff on Photoshop, give my sister and myself a new and edgy haircut regularly, eating sweet mangoes and brownies and cheesecakes and pastries, savouring every bite of sushi and pizza.

but then again, i just love to write and blabber about my life :)
it's fun. it's a good therapy, a personal project, and I can even use it as a public portfolio.


FYI, i just rejuvenated my blog.

Below is my previous blog (design):


What? kinda lame? Yeah, i think so too. It's very basic and seriously lower than fancy. unlike those other hi-tech overly edited blog.

I was meaning to freshen up my blog for quite some time. but then my laptop broke down (now it lays helplessly at the corner of my bedroom). so i went slow with these make-overs.
Now that SVYA-SAYS 2.0 is up and running, I'm very excited!