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Dec 22, 2010

Public Transportation in Jakarta [3]

For a while there, I've reviewed some of Jakarta's public transports on part [1] and [2]

Now, let's get deeper to the essence of Jakarta's transportation...
Here are the stubborn little things that will get you through any traffic condition!

Bemo or BEcak MOtor (motorized tricycle) is one of the oldest means of transportation in Jakarta, dated back to the 1962.
Cost = 3000 IDR

The use of Bemo has been banned by the Jakarta's government since the vehicle is not so effective, lack of spare-parts, and also a cause of pollution. To ride on a Bemo is such a good-bad experience. You will be sweating from the heat, and your legs may crammed from such a low seat. Plus, your knee will "kiss" other knee-friends during the ride.

Even though Bemo has been banned, there are still some small routes that Bemo serves:
* Manggarai - RS Cipto Mangunkusumo
* Tanah Abang - Karet
* Salemba - Rawasari

IF you want to be driven right to your destination (for example: when looking for a specific address), aside from using a taxi, you can choose to use one of these vehicles...

Bajaj here do not refer to a brand. Bajaj is one of the original vehicles of Jakarta that still operate widely on the city. You can instantly recognize a Bajaj by its bright orange colour, but even spot it from a far from its roaring sound!! The "vroom vroom" of a Bajaj is unmistakable.

To ride in a Bajaj is like nothing else!
  • First of all, set a fix price to the driver before you get into the Bajaj. Since Bajaj are mostly operates on short ride, thus the price are around 7000 - 20.000 IDR.
  • When you choose to ride on a Bajaj, please be prepare to have a very, very, very.. bumpy ride! even though the road is clear. You might want to tape how your body shiver all over the place because of it's "vibration"
  • Private conversations are not supposed to be done in a Bajaj, since you have to shout out loud to outdo the thundering sound of the machine.
  • Let your body flow with the Bajaj. There's a local saying: "No one really know where a Bajaj heading. It's only between the driver and his God." I suppose Bajaj driver has an ongoing thought that Bajaj is so small and stubborn and can get right through any traffic cracks. So, during the ride, you may experience some hardcore stirs hehe :) Because of this "attitude", the local people give another nickname for Bajaj - it's kecoa (or cockroach). Don't worry, it's not because of roaches dominate the Bajaj.
  • There also a more upgraded version of Bajaj, it's called Bajaj BBG and it uses a different kind of gas. The Bajaj BBG is less bumpy, and more eco-friendly.
Tourist usually compare Bajaj with similar vehicle, Tuk Tuk from Thailand.


Kancil (Kendaraan Niaga Cilik Irit Lincah) is usually refer as the modern version of Bajaj - modern as in it produces less sound, just like cars. It also has 3 wheels, slightly narrower in the front. Kancil do not operate in all part of Jakarta. You can see Kancil usually in West Jakarta.

Ojek (pronounced like "o-jack") is sort of a motorbike-taxi. This ride is a favourite since it uses motorcycle that can cut through the traffic jam, especially if the driver is gifted to know all of the short-cut (local call it "jalan tikus") around Jakarta.

How to find Ojek? Easy. Just look around for a group of motorbikes with drivers around your area (just like the pic above). Usually, they also got a sign/cardboard with "Pangkalan Ojek" on it. Expats also love Ojeks because the ride is personal and fast. One can make a monthly deal with the driver. Usually the driver also serves Ojek by phone-call. Handy, right? ;)

Sources: Alfasentosa blog

Welcome to Jakarta, folks!

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This article was also featured in Suara Jakarta, a paper by @ndorokakung.


  1. Thnx for lot of nice info about Jakarta public transportation.

  2. Hi. Do you know where I could buy a bemo /Bajaj in East Java or Bali? I would like to drive trough Java - Bali - Lombok - Sumbawa with it. Email me if you know something:

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