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Nov 25, 2010

The rumour about Harry Potter...

The rumour is true. I love Harry Potter series. 
There there i've said it!

But then again, who doesn't? Harry Potter fever has spread evenly from teens to twenty-somethings to parents who prefer wonderous MAGIC and a muggle by the name of J.K. Rowling's most celebrated imagination than the ongoing love/lust triangle between human-boyvamp-merewolf. at least, it's my preference. I've been reading the book since it's not even that BIG in Indonesia. For a start, I'm a firm believer of Hogwarts, Fawkes, and Severus Snape (yes, Snape.. from the very beginning).

The most anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow epic finale (part 1) was already on cinema in Jakarta starting Nov 19. and i watched a.s.a.p. Bringing my imagination and expectation to life, the movie is dark and cold and much more intense than its predecessors - everything that makes it should not be categorized as children/teen movie, not anymore...

Well, at least that bloody screen-shoot above doesn't really seem like coming out of a teen movie.

I have learned several things about Harry Potter series...
  • Fawkes is awesome! 
  • Voldemort might need plastic surgery since he can really grow his nose back (or maybe he's secretly a big MJ fan!)
  • the Weasley boys are getting even more cuter as they grow older
  • Harry is nothing without the ever so smart and talented muggle-born Hermione Granger.. he'll be a dead meat by HP#5 at least
  • and Snape (as i personally presume) is the core center of the story, and not Harry Potter ;)

Anyway, i stumble upon this Harry Potter "My Name is..." on tumblr.
Do read and laugh, fellas :)

* My name is Harry Potter and I’m a boy and I lived
* My name is Severus Snape and I suggest you turn to page 394 our new celebrity because expecto patronum after all this time always
* My name is Dumbledore and I’m gay
* My name is Hermione Granger and in fourth year I fixed my teeth
* My name is Draco Malfoy and I’m a ferret wait until my father hears about this
* My name is Neville Longbottom and my parents are crazy
* My name is the Giant Squid and it’s not like anyone has ever seen me
* My name is Lucius Malfoy and I have awesome hair << so true! his hair is perfect.
* My name is Barty Crouch Jr and I’m not my father
* My name is Barty Crouch but I’m just a bone
* My name is Percy Weasley and Ron what are you doing in the girls’ lavatory ?
* My name is Molly Weasley and not my daughter you bitch
* My name is Voldemort and I don’t have the decency to have a nose
* My name is Remus Lupin and I am a werewolf and yes I’m fucking sirius
* My name is Minerva McGonagall and back the fuck up I’m scottish
* My name is Gilderoy Lockhart and I didn’t get rid of the Banden Banshee by smiling at him
* My name is the Sorting Hat and I stand by what I said last year you would’ve done well in Slytherin
* My name is Bellatrix Lestrange and I just Crucio all over the place
* My name is Merope and lol i sucked
* My name is Nagini and I’m Voldy’s bff
* My name is Flitwick and I’m tiny
* My name is Seamus and I’m irish
* My name is Dean Thomas and I like football
* My name is Ginny Weasley and I lie about Harry Potter’s tattoos
* My name is the toad and I disguise myself as Dolores Umbridge <<  well said!
* My name is Hagrid and I like dragons
* My name is Fluffy but i’m a nasty beast
* My name is Oliver Wood and I like broomsticks
* My name is Ollivander and Harry doesn’t know what he feels about me
* My nom is Ron Weasley and we should have followed the butterflies
* My name is Lavender Brown and I’m stalker
* My name is Patil and we are twins
* My name is Charlie Weasley and I rock
* My name is Arthur Weasley and what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
* My name is James Potter and I can go suck a fuck
* My name is Lily and I have green eyes that’s the only thing my son inherited from me
* My name is Dudley Dursley and Dementors once almost took my soul
* My name is Sirius Black and people confuse me with the grim
* My name is Cornelius Fudge and if you touch me i’ll fudging kill you
* My name is Mad Eye Moody and i have a mad eye
* My name is Kingsley Shacklebolt and even muggles worship me
* My name is whoever and even I know that Dumbledore has style
* My name is Fawkes and I live and live and live again
* My name is Cedric Diggory and I’m a spare (so i change my name to Edward Cullen and be a teen vamp)
* My name is Merlin and everyone in the wizarding world has a thing for my pants
* My name is Dobby and I’m a free elf
* My name is Fred Weasley and I’m not George
* My name is Bill Weasley and I won’t let my mummy cut my hair
* My name is Fleur and I’m part Veela
* My name is Colin Creevey and I take photos
* My name is Horace Slughorn and I want to be a slug
* My name is Pansy Parkinson and I’m a pansy
* My name is Cho Chang and I kissed Harry under the mistletoe… and i cried
* My name is Luna Lovegood and this is full of nargles
* My name is Narcissa Black and I look like there’s dirt under my nose because Draco is my son
* My name is Buckbeak and you have to take a bow
* My name is Hedwig and I have a theme
* My name is Wormtail and I fail
* My name is the Chamber of Secrets and enemies of the heir beware
* My name is Moaning Myrtle and I haunted Olive Hornby
* My name is Nick Nearly Headless and I’m nearly headless
* My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle AND LOOK WHAT I DID WITH THE LETTERS

Yes, Harry Potter series got beautiful talented actors :)


What say you?