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Nov 30, 2010

The Formula of Effective TV-Commercials

Effective ads are the ones who can initiate buying. Is that correct?

I do know that to make an effective advertising campaign, we (at least) have to 1) Go after the target audience, 2) Highlight our competitive advantages, and 3) Establish an image. - Top 10 Tips for an Effective Advertising Campaign

And since every parents wants to give the best to their children, makes them a vulnerable target audience and huge potential market, the TV-commercials nowadays are cramped with all different kinds of ads for (infant/kids) formula milk.. the ready ones, concentrate ones, or powder one.

A LOT of those TV-commercials use the "guilt" theme: What if your child does not get enough this and that? What if the milk composition is wrong? Too much this and that? What about the vitamin-mineral milk? The colostrum essence? The A-to-Z Omega? Prebiotics and all those terms you may not understand? Your kids should be protected from the inside! Trying their best to highlight and sharpen their own edge of competitive advantages - All of which gives me headache (and I'm not even married or have a kid!).

Among all those ad clutter (in my opinion), despite of all its own advantage and disadvantages, i have fallen in love over and over again with ads from Bebelac, which actually says nothing about formula, composition, protection, blablabla of the formula milk itself. It actually focuses on the wonderful kids themselves! Isn't that such a beautiful idea?

Brightened up by the cheeky song from Barry White "You're My First, My Last, My Everything", the series of ads seem to dance with all the big potential those kids can share: being a loving and caring person towards others (parents, friends, etc).

Here is one of them. It's the compilation i got from Youtube.

Bebelac - You Are My Everything

and this one is new. I watched it on tv few days ago.

At first, i thought that it's an ad for insurance or banking (because most of them are using image of "children as the future"). But it's not. It's Nutrilon Royal 3 It's another kids formula milk ad that set aside the mumble of the milk composition and use the wonderful kids as the center of the ad. YAY! Impressed, i looked it up on Youtube.

Nutrilon Royal 3 - Life is an Adventure

with a kid's voiceover:
"I want to live my life to the absolute fullest
To open my eyes to be all I can be
To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown
To feel the wind, to touch the stars
I promise to discover myself
To stand tall with greatness
To chase down and catch every dream

The formula of TV-commercials above: be out of the box, cut the clutters, focus on the children.
Is it effective? At least it works well for me. If I ever gonna have children, I may just gonna buy Bebelac (and now) OR Nutrilon just because I'm inspired by their ads. Tell me you did not find the ads above lovely and awe-spiring :)

 Cheers, mate!


What say you?