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Mar 1, 2010

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

i know that i haven't been the greatest daughter..
nor the smartest.
nor the kindest.
nor the cutest.

but i LOVE you with all my heart.
despite of all the differences and the fights and the sarcasm we say to each other throughout the years.
despite of all the things other people say or think or feel towards our little family.
despite of all the stormy weathers.

in my eyes,
you are the STRONGEST person i've ever known.
how you struggled in your past... to get the beat out of yourself, your education, your family, and your love.
how you sacrificed your feeling, your pride, and your religion to be united with your beloved.
how you married your husband and loved him with your soul, through the good and the bad, happy or sad, sickness and health, till death parted you... and even now, after his departure, you love him still.
how you cried your heart out when no one listen.
how you tried to break down all the barriers, be reckoned, and stayed low.
how you raise your daughters with your own touches and disciplines.
how you pray every night for your family.

i know that i could never be as strong as you. as loving as you.
and i may not be able to compose the most beautiful prayer, but i wish you these..
health, love, and happiness.

HEALTH.. i hope you'll be granted good health till many more years to come. do not let the drama carry you away. do not worry much about those people who always try to tear our family apart.
LOVE.. even if we, your daughters, do not seem to care much. you always be the queen of our heart. you may still love your past husband, but if someday you might want to open your heart and discover a new love in the face of another… i will be right there at your side.
HAPPINESS.. i hope that your life is filled with abundant little things that will keep you happy and content. i wish that i can be one of those little things that can make you happy and proud.

God bless you.


Jakarta, March 1, 2010,

your loving daughter ♥


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