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Dec 14, 2009

This is us

this is us.

we are the reason.
we don't make us happen.

we are the boy and the girl who sits on the sideways.
i sit here. you sit there.
facing each other, fronting, loving.

we sit on the sideways for the road is too dangerous.
nature does not allow me to crossover to your side, nor you to mine.
one may be hit by a car and die, leaving the other one in pain, in vain.

the road will never be kind to us,
so we sit on the sideways.

watching everyone goes by,
the moon the sun the stars the ticking clock
watching you, watching me.

waiting for the perfect moment
when everything stop
one split second when we can eventually be.

so we don't sleep, we won't blink.
we stay awake, we stay untouched.

we are our boundaries.
we don't make us happen.


What say you?