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Jul 2, 2009

a sneak peek of Ingrid's new song

Anybody know Ingrid Michaelson?
She's one of my favourite artists.

Anyway, here's a new demo song from her. I got the feed from her twitter update today ;)

Walk Away

I was there to comfort you
to tell you things that were not true
like love and how its always here and never goes
so don’t you fear

but i really know that forevers they come and go
so i hold on tight to letting go
because i don't know when this,
when this, love will walk away.

i am here to see us fall
to see us slide right down the wall
i give up and take on something new
take on someone who is just like you

Deep and beautiful lyric as always...
Wanna take a peek of the new song?
Just go to her blog

Cant wait for her new album to come out!

Makes me wanna say something romantic like:
I like the way your fingers run through my hairs...
hehehe :)


What say you?