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Feb 15, 2009

speaking of valentine's day

February 14, or as most people refer as Valentine's Day is the day for lovers, for love, for teens, when any irrational (read = utterly stupid) actions are allowed and considered in the forbidden name of love. It also means a lot of candy hearts and "I-Love-You"s and fluffy pink stuffs which badly pokes me in the eyes.

So I rather spent my Feb 14 with friends. Let me describe the ambient: my all time favourite Javachip Frappe tasted so indulging in my tongue, while we girls blabbered about good things (and bad things, too) as the smooth live jazz music soothed our ears.
Too bad Ari couldn't tag along.

Ck came with these cute cupcakes :)
Rasanya pengen diliat2in aja.. gak usah dimakan.

Seperti kata Zee, kita emang lebih jago pose camen daripada pose manis.

Oh, here's something cute i found while browsing at Zee's journal. This post is too good i am obliged to re-post it here.
Medically Speaking of Love by Zee.
When the object of my affection walks by...
This is what I feel:
My heart falls into my stomach and splashes my innards. All the moisture makes me sweat profusely. When the brain burns out altogether, the mouth disengages and I babble like a cretin until he leaves.
*sayup sayup terdengar lagu it's good to be in love by Frou Frou*

- - -

I am content that i decided to spend the day with you guys.
God knows how
h e a v y my heart that day...


  1. Aih lucu bgt cupcakenya! hihi ktnya lg mampir ke Aussie yah? duh syiiriiik

  2. hehe betul lucu skali sampe gak tega makan cupcakenya :P

    ini lagi maen bntar aja hehe

  3. Hihi... :D
    Senangnya blog-ku di re-post!

    Love ya!


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