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Sep 11, 2008

Chuck Bass a.k.a The Bad Boy

Two words.

Chuck Bass.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *drooling* :p~~~
I have loved him from the very first episode of Gossip Girl [tv series].
He's pure evil. He's lust-driven. He's ever arrogant. He's ever self-content.
All in one - BAD BOY with style.

The character itself is played by Ed Westwick, 21 year old [born June 27, 1987 - cancer people rules!], a British guy. For the role of Chuck Bass, he has to convert his accent into American. Wonder how sexy he will be, speaking with British accent :p~

Pff... doesn't BAD BOY turn you ON?

- - -
Just this from EOh boy oh boy.. how you make me drool!

Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach to E!


  1. hey, i love chuck bass too.. he's definitely h-o-t :)

  2. wish i could have him in real life!



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