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Jul 28, 2008

Happines is only real when shared

This sucks! Jakarta sucks!

I'm in the downfall of not having my best friends around. Yes, i have them scattered over the globe: ned, china, oz... ouw and bali (i dont really consider bali as indonesia anymore). I'm the only one who's loco enough to stay.

Ouw concerts! Boo-hoo... I have no one to go with.
Ouw parties! Boo-hoo... I have no one to be wild with.
Ouw birthdays! Boo-hoo... I have no one to get wasted with.
Ouw holidays! Boo-hoo... I have no one to be on a road-trip with.

Ouw personal issues! Boo-hoo... I have no one to talk to. Allrite, there is the technology called "internet". However, to talk about one's problematic life and personal issues over the internet/over the phone will not be as emotional as to talk over it face-to-face.

Obviously, i miss my girls :( i miss laughing (or crying or daydreaming) about boys they ever get acquinted with, reminiscing about the good-old days (yes, we were happy then!), crying as we talk about family issues, shouting at each other faces in arguments, eating ice creams on canal side, or even... doing nothing... just chill.

I need a vacation. Or my head's gonna explode sometime soon.


What say you?