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May 18, 2008

Funeral of my Youth

i wore black yesterday. it's like i'm going to a funeral.
but then again, I WAS going to a funeral. Funeral of my youth.

So it is, my youth is gone (read: Youth = whatever happened during college).
It's gone when i see that all the people around me has moved on with their life.
They got new friends, new life, new relationship.

I wish i could say that playtime is over, but i am kinda stuck in an incomprehensible situations. How can i have my own life if those around me are not really supportive? Incomprehensible, me and my thoughts.

What more can i say? Moving on is not the means of transportation i am willing to take today.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year. But not today, darling. Not today.


What say you?