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Sep 26, 2005

Desperate Lynette

Lately i've been watching Desperate Housewives series (nog 1 cd to go!). A very intriguing story line it is. Was quite boring on the first few episodes, but breath-taking on last few episodes.

That's why i took the "Which Housewife are You?" quiz on its official website. Citra got "Susan Mayer" character 3 times in a row. Bea apparently had "Gabrielle Solis" inside of her. And for myself, just as what i expected, I got "Lynette Scavo"... a brilliant woman who gave up her top career for four super hyperactive children.

Here is the quote: "Lynette. You gave up a great job for this? No one really appreciates you, and yet you slog on, with very little sleep and very little thanks. Who can blame you when you occasionally lose it? Hang in there. Just lay off the Ritalin."

What is Ritalin anyway? I don't know. In fact, i considered myself as more-to-pursue-career woman than a-perfect-mother-with-amazing-kids type. But then again, if i actually have kids, maybe i'll screw them around like Lynette did. After that, I'll be having lack of sleep and be stressed about everything. Gosh! At least for now (the first season) Lynette has a good husband. He's cute too :p typical American.

For you who wanna take the quiz >> go to Desperate Housewives Quiz and join the desperate club!


What say you?