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Nov 25, 2004

Last holiday season

Holiday holiday holiday. what an amazing word to hear! for most people, holiday means FREEDOM (in a particular length of time)! Most people will spend their holiday to travel, spend times with their families and friends (maybe with loved ones), do their favourite things, HAVE FUN!

I had one-week holiday last week. It was a national holiday since we celebrated a big day for Moslem, Aidil Fitri (I'm happy for you, guys!). If I should look at the bright side of it... it was fun! you know... watched some VCDs, ate, went to Dufan. But then again, it was better for me to work in my office than had an empty holiday.

Empty? how come? well, i have already used to have it. Normally, it should be great if one can gather with his/her families on holiday. Laugh at jokes, share stories, love each other. ha ha. not for me, i guess.

I have always have one wish.. to live happily with my family, love each other with no boundaries of ego or proudness, laugh and smile from our heart. And I guess my wish is far from reality.

arrrrgh... I just can't put my thoughts in words!! I'm angry, desperate, and disappointed at the same time.. and it's worthless for me to do anything.

Maybe now is not my time to understand the inexplicable life. Maybe i'll learn what love is (or if love ever really exist) through this. It is just another phase that I go through.

Now, back to work... the side of my life (now) that I like, even though i often feel very very very sleepy at work hehehhehe... Insomnia at night, sleppy at day. Only slept for three hours last nite. Puuuh... well, that's me!


What say you?