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Jun 1, 2009

Culinary Trip to Sukabumi

I traveled to Sukabumi last weekend with Chika and Ruben. A culinary trip - that's how we call it hehehe :)

It was my first ever trip to Sukabumi (the city) and to actually stay there for the night. Usually i only passed through Sukabumi without ever really enjoying the food, etc there. Where is Sukabumi, anyway? Take a look at this pic below.

Sukabumi is a vast region within West Java province. According to Wikipedia,
"Sukabumi is a city located about 80 km (50 miles) south of the national capital, Jakarta. At an altitude of approximately 600 meters (2000 feet), the city is a minor hill station resort, with a cooler climate than the surrounding lowlands."

We went there by car from Jakarta on Friday night. We transited in Bogor, grabbed some stuffs and continued our midnight travel. We spent approximately 2-3 hours on the road.I can still recall the road as it is the same road that we took to go to Ujung Genteng (UGe). Aaaaw.. I miss Uge summer trip even more :'(

Back to Sukabumi!
I gained several pounds by just spending 2 days at Sukabumi! o_O'
Why? Because we ate 5-6 times a day! Noodles, batagor, yogurt, more noodles - all homemade.

kyahahahaha.. how can one resist all these food temptation???

Mie Cinco, with chopped grilled pork

Mie Yamien Pangsit Penganten :P~


What say you?