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Nov 12, 2008

Rihanna's Concert? No, I'm not going.

I have a thing with Rihanna.
It's not about the singer, nor the song, nor the super sexy hairstyle of hers.

It's her concert.

Two years ago, Rihanna was about to hold a concert in Amsterdam on November 18. My friends and I were about to go and have some fun there. But then my father passed away on November 16. And i had to go back home to Indonesia. So... I missed the concert. and my father.

This year, in few days, Rihanna is going to hold a concert in Jakarta on November 14. I was considering to go... but my party/concert sisters are not here... plus the ticket price is off the ceiling. Too freakin high for "just" a Rihanna, in my opinion.
It's quite funny it is. Even if i decided to go to the concert, i will have to cancel it again... because my family will hold a eucharist in memory of my father on November 14.

HA HA HA... It's been two years, yet it links well.
Rihanna's concert and my father's death.
Very odd. very odd indeed.

OK. Now i should stop blabbering.


  1. btw she cancelled her concert xD i wonder wht hppnd to the tickets ppl already bought..

  2. bzzzzzzzzzz..
    yeah i know hahahahahah


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