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Oct 6, 2008

I met Ulms, and Diana Krall, and Edric!

Tired, still.
Spent the whole day sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. Yet somehow my energy can not be well-restored! ha! Well, un-restored energy doesn't really keep me from going to Senci to meet Ulmie and Goldie hehehehe

Haven't met Ulmie for 2 years now, since she is still living in NL. She looked good, happy, and - she said this herself - gain a lil weight during her 3 weeks stay in Indo. She brought her bf, Iko si anak gaoool hahaha, who is apparently Sita's friend, too. We ate and chatted for approximately 3 hours there. It was a good catch-up :)

I skipped church the following morning, a thing that made my mom so furious. Well, i prefer sleeping in my own bed than sleeping in the middle of a mass. Doh! Am still in Uge after effect anyway; am not ready to go back to church >:)

So went back to sleep again. and again. and again. I forced myself to wake up and get prepared for Diana Krall's Concert in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pasific Place Jakarta :D [Lengkap tuh informasinya!] I adooooooore Diana Krall!

My precious Diana Krall ticket!

I got goosebumps when she got on to the stage
. Golda and I [oh yeah, I watched the concert with Goldie and we accidentally met Natnat] got the middle row there, enjoyed every bit of the superb jazz performance! Oh how i ENVY those who got the platinum tickets for they might get the chance to have a cocktail after party with Diana Krall!!! Kya! I spotted several celebrities watching the concert, too.

Edric!! YES i spotted Edric. He walked pass me after the show. I was so stunned i couldn't say a word. And Goldie was not very helpful as she didn't really recognize Edric. Auw... he was so... uhm.. cute? Uhm cute is not the right word. He was so Edric! Sukaaaaaaaaa! Hope I can met you again, uhm maybe in Gading :P Ah, saya suka Edric.

And now i'm hungry again. I'll grab something, anything, to eat before crashing. Ciao!


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