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Sep 24, 2008

Sweet Sweet Escape

Happy bday Bonk! muach muach!

Goldie just got back from her family trip to Israel. Saatnya minta jatah oleh2!
Mrs. Lentini is currently in Tokyo kyaaaaaa *eyes of jealousy* uhm second honeymoon, hun?
Zhu spent a great weekend in Sdyney. Good for you, girl!
Mrs. Voisine just gave birth to a cute baby girl last week; now staying in Sanur for a while before going back to Japan. Sita's officially a sexy mama now hehehe... will see you on November ;)
Ikatje looks happy with her life in Nederland. Good things will come your way hehe..
Cit just got back from Paris with a river-boat crash experience. Pff... thank God you're allrite! Now just wait and see about that job interview. Wish you luck, dear!
Bea called me last night. She will skip class for several days as her parents are coming. It'll be a good escape for you darling ;) You need this. Yeah i know, me too.

As for me, i'm hoping for a good escape next week with Ck & friends.


What say you?