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Sep 3, 2008

Get yourself a life!

Tadi Lina telpon.
Gak sopan... tiba2 bilang, "ini lagi di bandara di jakarta. baru aja sampe."

Dan dengan serentak kukatakan, "Haih! Bohong banget!"
Setelah bohong2 beberapa saat, akhirnya dia ngaku juga klo dia gak lagi di jakarta.

Lina is one of my inner circle friends; who i can always run to when i need some logical explanations of life and love; who i can always depend on to SLAP me, wake me up to face the real world [I tend to daydream a lot!!]. We usually cheers each other up, and sometimes despise each other. This time, she's feeling down - thus she kind of needs my "guidance".

Life is OZ is not as grand as the one we had in NL. We grow older [but maybe not wiser]; we got separated... hmm... 3 continents.

It can be said that we live a remotely different life than we're used to, with all the challenges and obstacles in between - all of which we have to face on our own; no more trusted friends around. Sometimes, somehow... a life like that could be hard... and frustrating. Actually, that's why i "ran" to Bali to see Indah last month - to clear my head, and maybe gain new perspective, besides meeting Indah of course :)

Thus a getaway is a good thing to do at certain point of one's life. Out of the house, out of town, out of the country - all depends on one's budget. Well, she said that she is planning to go to Sdyney this week. That'll be a nice treat :)

Living a life with an "EVIL FORCE" of people being couples all the time can also be damaging, if not infectious... To me, it's quite damaging [uhm that's why i said "evil force" - believe me, i will not turn to one of girl who devotes her whole life for "couple" romances and thus forgets her surroundings]. Apparently, my friend feels the same way too. Ha Ha Ha.. Do whatever you feel darling. Get drunk, get wasted, get laid - I encourage you!!
[well, i should do the same :p]

No, don't follow my outrageous advice.

But you can consider this, my friend[s]: WRITE your story - share it so that you wont feel so alone.
Sometime in the future, go read your writings again [and you may weep].
Then stand up on your own two feet for you had passed those dark times.
The things that don't kill will only make you stronger.
Life is all about choices, dear - whether you want to continue weeping OR to decide to be tough, it's up to you.

P.S. am still waiting for a call from B, yang sampe detik ini ditungguin tapi blom telpon2! Gak sopan!! Nv juga gak kirim2in lagunya hadoh gak sopan juga! Cz juga nulis namaku salah pula, gak sopan juga!

- - -

Just got in, got it from C: Wow, Kondom Bisa Obati Jerawat!

Kondom tak hanya berfungsi sebagai alat kontrasepsi loh. Kondom juga bisa berfungsi untuk kecantikan. Misalnya menghilangkan jerawat.

Kondom biasanya dilengkapi dengan cairan pelumas. Cairan pelumas itulah yang digunakan oleh perempuan-perempuan Kamboja untuk mengatasi jerawat yang tumbuh di wajah mereka. Seorang konsumen kondom dengan merek One Plus produksi Population Services International (PSI) menyatakan hal tersebut kepada AFP. Adalah Kenny Vanny, perempuan 29 tahun dari Phonm Penh, Kamboja yang mengungkapkan pengalamannya memakai kondom sebagai obat jerawat.

Menurut Kenny, dengan mengusapkan cairan pelumas kondom ke jerawat, maka dalam 3 hari jerawat itu akan mengering dan tidak berbekas. "Ini sangat efektif. Beberapa orang mungkin tak mempercayainya, tapi orang-orang yang telah melakukannya mendapatkan hasil yang luar biasa," ujarnya seperti dikutip detikhot dari Health24, Selasa (2/9/2008).

Sedangkan pihak PSI belum mengeluarkan pendapatnya mengenai masukan konsumen yang mengatakan bahwa produknya dapat digunakan sebagai produk kecantikan. Menurut Anda apakah kondom efektif sebagai obat jerawat?

KYAA! ada yang mau coba? XD


  1. "as we grow up, we may not be wiser" thats so bloody damn true!!!!
    so, NL isnt OZ? :| Jap is an OZ yo knoe? :(((
    anyway! im in bali bali bali *gaya-nyolot* hahaha....

  2. ih cuma bali aja bangga!! cih!
    minta oleh2 pokoknya.

    uhm, go ahead... go to JAP.
    so then i can come visit you
    hehehehe :D


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