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Aug 10, 2008

Weekend with the Pandiangans

Friday August 8th, 2008.
Eight is my favourite number. Yet, when people says that 8-8-8 is a good date, a good day... blah it didn't apply to me! I got all cranky all day, esp with the outrageously stupid phone connection. However, i did make it to meet my friend at Hard Rock that night, got acquainted with several new people, danced with indy barends and crew, admired dj Blanco (he's nice! lucky you, indy!).

Saturday August 9, 2008 + Sunday August 10, 2008.
I did what i had to do; i spent the weekend with the Pandiangans (pssst.. it's a runaway mission from home, actually). So we bought some stuffs at Blok M (Yes, no Gading this weekend. Yay!) then chilled at Senayan. It's so nice just to sit and chat :)

Location: Starbucks Plaza Senayan
zipping dark mocha frappe and hot chocolate :P

Oh! We watched CIDER on KBS. Thank to G, my Korean-girl-soul-trapped-in-Indonesian-girl-body friend. The show was hillarious! Couldn't stop myself from laughing! Then i realize that i need to do more exercise; my back hurts!


What say you?