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Aug 2, 2007

Class of 2006

I just got our self-initiated Inholland yearbook "Class of 2006".
(nice conceptual design neysa) Thank you for brug and Mos for making it happen. Too bad I cant do much to help you guys.

But i know i've contributed something. Pictureeeeessss... It's actually quite obvious since the yearbook pictures are DOMINATED by INDONESIANs :P Yupe. Most pictures put in the yearbook come from my database hehehe...

Well well.. now i really have something to remember. Even though i was no one and was nothing special through out the academic years. Long live class of 2006!



  1. hey,.. glad to know that you've been updating your blog :D
    udh dpt year book?
    gw aja blm xD
    oh ato jgn2 cuma buat yg udh lulus aja kali ya :D

  2. ulmie malah gak di update2 blognyah


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