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Jul 30, 2007

no business allowed

So, it's Sunday.
Time to go to church. I'm becoming more like a "zombie" churchgoer every time i live in indonesia. Not that religious.

Below are one of the reason:
The mass went very well. The guest priest who usually serve a church in Malang was making beautiful remarks about thanksgiving. He was, also, thanking the Lord for his mother's 83rd birthday.

Actually, it was the first time that i really really drawn into a Homili (preach).

Then it's singing time, then another praying moment.

During the silent moment, someone's phone was ringing (even though there was a "warning" prior to the mass that all of us should turn off - or at least silent - our mobiles). Unbelievably, the owner was not eager to mute the phone, like most people should do. Instead, he (yes, it was a HE) answered the phone with NO guilt! at all...

Maybe i'm just being too judgmental. or sarcastic at heart. But i was quite furious because he ruined one my rare spiritual moments.

Jesus once furious when people turn the Lord's chamber into a market. Be careful, He might do it again with those who answer their mobiles during mass :p


What say you?