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Jan 2, 2005

New Year Eve

2005! Hurray... *without excitement*

Spent my lazy New Year's eve with my best girls.. Bea and Ncit [thanks for coming and get bored at my nest]. We did eat and talk about things we've missed. It's been a while since the three of us get together like that, 4 months approximatelly.

That's why we spent the nite chating, eating, and watching movies. Can't brought them out and went somewhere nice coz' of my strict parents [back to old times].. too bad. Sorry for that, sisters! We watched Down With Love [again, because Barbara Novak and Catcher Block are irresistable].. switched the channel sometimes to see New Year's Celebration on local channels.

It was ackward, that nite, because people didn't really celebrate new year since our fellow brothers and sisters in Aceh (NAD) suffered from tsunami. So.. the night sky stayed black and blank that night.. without multiple colors fireworks flew over it. Well, it does make sense that we shall not expose our happiness over national condolence and disaster. Rest in peace for everyone who died in Tsunami 26Desember2004.. May God takes you all in His arm.


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