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Oct 11, 2004

another me in the world

bea... and me..
like twins in different bodies!!!
we sometimes have the same thoughts or undergo the same experience!!
we even has a "language" of our own..
it might be freaky... but it's TRUE..

i just visited her blog - new one - welcome, sis! i read her thought... the same as mine. Thanks for pouring out my mind in your writings.. I'm deadly desperate i couldn't out it in words!!!

wanna know more? go to her blog >> <<
yeah... i'm no religious man, but i entirely trust in God and pray to Him, always. I will not lose my faith in Him... but sooner or later... i might lose my faith to ev'rybody else *breathe in.. breathe out.. fuuuuh...*

miss you beee!
miss you all...


  1. that's just how life goes, sis.. coincidences like that DO OCCUR.. especially 2 us.. let's hang on to each other and 2gether, we'll get through this sh*tty times of ours.. ;p ok?
    miss u 2..
    from u-know-who.. muach2..


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